That it, I'm headed off to Ireland to paint and explore! I've been planning this trip for a year and somehow it seems like it's snuck up on me. But I am so READY.

I'm excited to travel again with my long time art buddy Kimberly Kent and to paint with Kathryn Copping Bevier (landscapes) and Lora Murphy (portraits) in their Journey to Ireland workshop. We will be based near Galway, but will have a few extra days in Dublin, Shannon, and places in between that we will find along the way!


Last time I headed off on an adventure I invited you to join my trip by following my posts on Facebook and Instagram. I invite you to do the same for my Irish journey:

    1. Follow my posts with #WaxingIrish.

    2. Purchase one of my Original Paintings, created using one of the photos from my trip.

    3. Reserve your Mystery Treasure Box which will be full of surprises!


Here are some great ways to experience my trip while supporting my adventure:

Original Paintings (Only 4 left)

I'll choose a favorite photograph taken during my trip and use it to make an original painting just for you!

You'll receive a framed 5 x 7 photo encaustic painting, hand colored so that no two are alike.

This painting is a good example of the style I'll be working in, but I'll substitute one of my original photos of the Irish landscape instead of this beautiful spot in Canada.

My framed paintings will be available for $60 each, including free shipping within the United States. (scroll down a bit for purchase options)

Mystery Treasure Boxes (SOLD OUT!)

I'll be gathering art supplies and unusual souvenirs for myself, so why not share the fun? I plan to create Mystery Treasure Boxes* filled with goodies, as well as an original encaustic painting as described above, made from one of my photos from the trip!

The goodies in your box will have to be a bit of a mystery, determined by chance and whim while I'm traveling, but if you know me you know I'll make sure it's amazing!

I plan to include collage materials such as maps, stamps, coins, dried plants, shells and rocks. I won't be able to resist making rubbings of natural materials and those beautiful old stones, so you'll receives some of those too. They'll be on tissue paper so you can incorporate them into your own paintings if you are so inspired.

I'll also be on the lookout for specialty items that are popular in the areas I'm traveling. Can you bring back whiskey? I'll find out! I'll also include a few postcards with at least one that's personalized for you with a note from my trip.

My Treasure Boxes (including an original framed photo encaustic painting) are available for $95 each, including free shipping within the United States.

* Just to be clear, the box itself won't be a big deal. It's whats inside that counts!


Please make sure the mailing address and email address you have with PayPal are current before making purchase, or contact me with your updated information.

Irish Treasure Options


So whether you join me for a hash tag adventure, an original encaustic painting, or a special mystery treasure box, we will be going green in a whole new way. I hope you'll join me!

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