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52 Week Online Course:

Painting With Fire

HOW FUN! I'll be teaching in PAINTING WITH FIRE, a year-long art course devoted to encaustic and mixed media painting. All levels are welcome.
  • You’ll receive one lesson a week for a year
  • Delivered on video so you can watch anytime
  • Lifetime access to all classes
  • Over 50 hours of video-based courses
  • Learn from from 26 encaustic instructors
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and meet other artists
  • You get all classes for one price of $249
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Luxe Looks with Encaustic & Mixed Media

You can use mark making techniques to avoid that dreaded blank board as you begin new work, or to add gestural marks at any point in your creative process. I'll demonstrate how to add more spontaneity and life to your work by combining several types of media both above and below the wax.

I'll work with watercolor, custom stamps and delicate ink using both traditional and non-traditional tools. This is how I create my own encaustic paintings, so if you enjoy my work, you'll love learning how to do it yourself. Join me with an open mind and ready to make experimental work!

Reimagining Stencils:
Creating Unique Imagery for Encaustic Paintings

Using patterns and stencils offer simple ways to develop striking forms in your encaustic paintings. I'll demonstrate my techniques for 5-second stencils, using your own imagery for custom cutouts, and modifying commercial stencils to add exciting elements to your work!

I'll show you how to use what you've created to carve into the surface of your paintings, or apply different mediums through them including wax and pastel. Choose your favorite method and get painting!

FIND OUT MORE and register now to meet new friends and join an amazing group of instructors!

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